Hi there, I'm Ruby.

I want all Australians to have the right to hold our government liable for decisions made on our behalf. 

We all deserve accountability. I'd like to start with decisions made on behalf of the next generation, our young people. We need transparency, to make informed choices.
That is the first right we should all have. 

We either have children, and we were all once a child. Our country needs our government to care about consequences to us.

I will introduce a Young Persons' Rights bill to Parliament. If you give me a chance to step into Parliament, if we as a nation stand up for young people, then we will have a pathway of accountability for all of us.   

I would like to make Macnamara to be a shining light for our country as the electorate of rights. Young people's rights, citizen's rights, human rights.

Let's start with young people and pass this bill with excitement.  

I want this bill to be the example for all others - aged, homeless, disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable.  I think we are all vulnerable when we are not given information.

How can we make informed choices?  It's time for transparency in all government business, and it's time for us to say 'time's up' for corruption and self interest.

I have been told by others in government that I have no chance of winning for Macnamara.

I have been told that I will help choose either Labor or Liberal. But surely Macnamara is different.

We have an incredibly diverse home, full of people who accept other people and activities. We are not a one trick pony in Macnamara, and that is what we've built our culture around.

Acceptance and even pride in our diversity. I think Macnamara is the perfect example to take a human rights bill to parliament.  

Currently, all Australian children, are underrepresented at every stage of policy making. Short-term political gain is prioritised over our long-term future.

Unfortunately, in Australia, our governments behave with no fear of accountability. I do not see why all other corporations globally are accountable for what they advertise, what they promise, what they sell us, but governments are not. Don't you agree?

I want to change this. The only way I see this occurring is for all Australians to hold government legally bound by consequences.
That means we have the right to sue the government for failing us.  

It’s time to put our young people first. This will solve many problems for their future, as they grow older.  Young people will care for us and our planet as they grow up, by simply adopting rights for them.  This election is about securing the future we want for our young people, and therefore, ourselves.

If we do nothing else in this election, vote for young people, so that we start the process of accountability for all of us. 
Let us make Macnamara the young people's rights electorate to take to the rest of Australia.

Here's my history

One thing I promise you all is, I will not lie to you, or the media. I will give you the opportunity to make an informed decision about me, because I need to be honest, so I have faith in humanity. That helps me continue to live.

I have had a life of adversity. It has been a daily anxiety, to seek belonging. I have made some poor choices through ignorance and need for love. I do not regret any part of my life. It is so. 

I believe that with authenticity, we can reduce the constant 'road rage' we have from our nervous systems being constantly on. I think Macnamara has the DNA to welcome and care for people. Diversity is in our identity. Since 18, I have lived in Macnamara.

I was born at the Royal Women's Hospital. I became a forced adoptee. Thank you Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of the day, for the apology to the nation.

I was adopted into a domestic violence family. Before I was adopted, my adoptive mother was housed in a Victorian mental asylum against her will by her husband. This was a travesty of justice considering my adoptive father was a perpetrator of considerable domestic violence. 

My mother was desperate to save her marriage and go home. Her doctor suggested that a child could assist the marriage, and due to her inability to have another child, she was granted leave to adopt a child.  This was a special dispensation and highly unusual.

At the age of 6-7, I was sexually assaulted by a local 17 yr old boy who was babysitting me. I told my father and his new girlfriend when he collected me the same night after returning from a trip.

The boys father was a policeman. My father told me he 'belted' the boy and the police officer would deal with his son. My father told me he did not want me removed from him.  I do not believe either he or the police officer formalised the offence. 

At the age of 11ish, my father took me to the Lower Eltham Park, and drowned me to unconsciousness.  If it not be for two joggers who revived me, I would not be here today.

Both my adoptive father and his new wife inflicted serious physical abuse on me as a child. I ran away several times, and placed in  Allambie Reception Centre (children's home), when I begged not to be sent back home.  

I asked if I could stay in the children's home permanently like the other children. I felt safe there and could sleep through the night. I was told becoming a Ward of the State only happened if I was removed from my family.

I begged them to please look at the bruises up and down my body to which I was informed I was 'naughty and a delinquent'. I kept pushing harder until I was told 'a child cannot remove themselves from the familial domicile' according to the law.

I asked to read the book of law. I wanted to find one line 'a child cannot remove themselves from the familial domicile'. I did not find it, and a judge agreed with me. I made myself a Ward of the State. I am alive.

Those in power told me lies to get an outcome they wanted, not what was best for me. If I didn't read the law, I might be dead. 

People in power should be making good decisions on behalf of children, we rely on that as children. But I was being inconvenient and belligerent and supercilious apparently, so I was told an answer to stop me asking. 

I want us to make good decisions on behalf of our children today, and on behalf of all our citizens. Transparency and accountability matters.

To this day, I consider I am a child of Government. Government is my parent. My life has been decided by institutional environments. I feel deeply that the outcomes of my life have been impacted completely by decisions made from government and authority as I went through the system.  

At 18, once you are released from the Ward of State status, there is no legal framework for me to call 'my home'. I am homeless still, and in our hearts we all want a home.

Let's make Australia a rich nation of caring diversity, because we never know what a homeless person looks like. I give my life to my child, and all our children, and that is the legacy I can offer from the 50 years of survival in a fairly brutal life.

It is my honour to fight for your honour.

I work with Government in my usual job

I work with the Commonwealth Government in children's health, education and child protection.  I set up a charity called Healthy Australia, which I have resigned from, so I can run as a candidate for the Federal Election.


I have never voted. I couldn't bring myself to vote for big politics that didn't care about the little people.  I couldn't put money in the till of bad government decisions on my behalf. Abuse occurs when our identity is irrelevant.  I have felt my identity has been irrelevant to the people who had to tick boxes. 

I am now enrolled to vote, because I have the will and the experience to hold government to account.

Working for young people, works for all of us

I have spent the last 12 years building transparency for families, so they can have the respect and accountability for when government makes decisions for them.

Life is not easy for anyone. Many people fall through the cracks at some point in their life.  We were all once children.  Innocence and renewal helps us all feel good.

Children bring the circle of life to us, and as they grow, we need to be looked after and respected.  We need to give respect to children, educate them and help them understand their world. 

We need to empower them to make informed choices, and we need to appreciate the voices of our young people as they become aware of our failings for the planet.

All these short term decisions that governments make, are in their own interest.  It should be negligent to not consider the impact of global warming, obesity, cancers, homelessness, divisiveness, economies and the 1% of wealth ripping the guts out of communities.

We need to stop talking about job welfare, and start speaking of contribution.  We all contribute. I know that putting young people into the equation for government policy, is the missing link that will change the way our world thrives.