Why We Need Immediate Action on Climate Change

Politicians make promises, and people get kind of used to being let down by them. I am no politician and will never be one. I am a social rights activist, and someone who gives a voice to the voiceless.

I won’t make promises, I will give the young people of Australia the platform to take their own action.

As you can see by the student strikes demanding action on climate change, they already have the wisdom and the heart to do what’s right. They just need to be given an active capacity to vote in the laws and governance that dictate their future.

This is where I come in.

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We demand Government Transparency and no more Corruption

Demanding a government that is transparent to its people is one of my highest priorities – and no less than we deserve. In fact, this isn’t something that we should have to ask for, as honesty and openness of our elected politicians should really be a given, not something we need to demand.

This has become no more evident than in recent new reports of the Murray-Darling water buyback controversy.

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Childcare and Education Reform

Changing the Face and Future of Childcare

The topic of childcare has become a bit of a political football of late. It is used as a selling point to working parents – offer them cheap childcare so they can get back to work sooner!

For me, childcare is far, far more than a convenience for parents who need to get back to work, or for a country that survives on the backbone of its industries.

Don’t just make it cheaper and more readily accessible.

Make it better. Make it the best in the world.

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Why Vote for Young People's Rights?

Why are Young People’s Rights Important?

Children’s rights are human rights. In focusing on improving the health and future of Australia’s children, we improve life for all of our country’s people.

It means focusing on long-term solutions and sustainability, in building strong and healthy children with good educations and plenty of job prospects, living in harmony with their natural environment and prosperous and inclusive community.

This sounds like just an ideal, but I refuse to believe that. This can, and should, be our reality.

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Why vote for me? What am I going to do?

If we think of children in all of our decisions, we look after everybody’s future.

I am creating a sustainable future that will aim well beyond tomorrow, and beyond the next 100 years. My aim is to put the beneficiaries of the country in the middle of the argument.

I work to protect and include children across the globe, starting with all children within our borders or seeking refuge from our government.

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Why is Legal Culpability of the Australian Government Important?

Why is legal culpability of the Australian government important?

For too long there has been no measure of consequence for the bad decisions we make.

For the negative impact on our climate and for public health crises, such as the epidemic of mental health issues among young people.

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No More Government Business Behind Closed Doors

One of the most important focuses of my campaign is my intention to create a government that is open, transparent and accountable to its people.

For far too long it has been acceptable practice for government business to go on behind closed doors.

The Australian public has almost resigned itself to the fact that this is the norm, that this is how the government does business.


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