What I Stand For

Macnamara’s people are coming together because

Our Young People Matter

Big problems need creative, long-term solutions

Adult world problems


Government Policy


Young People Impact Consideration


Long Term Outcomes


  What is happening now:
What would happen if we put young people first:
CLIMATE CHANGE Rapid climate change, government decisions based on short-term self-interest.

Investment in renewable energy, no new coal or gas, rapid emissions reductions.



Public education underfunded.

Few children have access to high quality education.

Children are our future leaders - they all have the right to high quality, publicly funded education.



Cuts to Medicare, underfunding of NDIS and mental health services.

Focus on treating people only when they're sick.

Everyone receives preventative health care.

Investment in health of Australians, starting when they're children.

SAFETY Government ignoring important data about violence in communities.

Open, transparent government, focussed on fixing important issues like violence against women and child abuse.


Diversity and inclusivity not high on the agenda of our government.

Communities thrive when everyone feels welcome and safe.

Children can only be what they can see.

When we have diverse leaders, everyone wins.

If we think of young people in all our decisions, we look after everybody’s future

I am committed to creating a sustainable and equitable future with you and for all of us.

Not for the next three years. Not for the next ten. But for generations to come.

We can do this by putting the beneficiaries of our decisions, children, at the centre of every policy decision.

Our children are the next generation of leaders.

We build great leaders by empowering children with respect, education, and giving them the tools to advocate for themselves.

Prevention is the key to health, well-being and safety

Safety, diversity and equity are crucial to a healthy society.

We all deserve to be safe and live without discrimination. That includes gender, religion, sexual orientation, race and disability-based discrimination. We all deserve to be respected and listened to, every one of us.

I will implement a National Prevention Plan which puts an immediate halt to the negative impact of governmental decisions on Australia's children.

In placing their future at the centre of all legislation and strategy, I will ensure that health, safety, respect, and equality are always at the forefront of our minds.

Our government represents us - it must be transparent and accountable for its decisions

We deserve to know that decisions are made for the right reasons - for our society and our future. Not for political self-interest.

No more dodgy deals made behind closed doors. No more burying important information or concealing inconvenient truths.

If our government is not acting for us, we have the right to hold them legally to account.