Why vote for me? What am I going to do?

If we think of children in all of our decisions, we look after everybody’s future.

I am creating a sustainable future that will aim well beyond tomorrow, and beyond the next 100 years. My aim is to put the beneficiaries of the country in the middle of the argument.

I work to protect and include children across the globe, starting with all children within our borders or seeking refuge from our government.

If we think of children in all of our decisions, we look after everybody’s future.

I am creating a sustainable future that will aim well beyond tomorrow, and beyond the next 100 years. My aim is to put the beneficiaries of the country in the middle of the argument.

I work to protect and include children across the globe, starting with all children within our borders or seeking refuge from our government.

My mission is to promote social justice and equality. I will work to remove any discrimination or persecution on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or race.

I want to build the next generation of thought leaders by teaching them how to think now. How to think, not what to think. I aim to give all children in Australia a voice, a good education, and a long and healthy future.

I will work to create legislation that protects children in the present and gives them the best possible hope for the future. This includes a Children’s Rights Bill – one of the most necessary protections needed right now. And that is just the beginning…

I know that there are many, many children who are looked after and thriving, and aren’t in immediate need of the sort of protections that such legislation would provide. I want to aim to give every child in Australia that same rights and opportunities as the very best cared for ones within our society.

This is a protection of innocence and our duty of care as adult individuals and a community.

It is no longer okay for any parent to say, ‘Well my child is fine, why should I do anything to look after the rest?’ A society is only as strong as its weakest member, and we need to bring the health, well-being and future of every child to the highest level possible.

What is wrong with how we are doing things now?

If we don’t consider children in the decisions we make which affect their welfare and their future, what is our measure of consequence?

For too long there has been no accountability for the bad decisions that we make. For the negative impact on our climate, for the obesity crises, for the massive epidemic of mental health issues among young people.

I want there to be legal culpability for decisions that affect our children. My aim is to create a government that is accountable, that is authentic, genuine and transparent.

Parliamentary decisions are made based on what each individual politician thinks is best for his or her electorate. This very often ends up being misguided, misinformed or just blatantly being made in their own self-interest.

The government is not acting on important information they have about children’s lives, and we are all putting our children at risk in letting this happen. Politicians compromise the risk of our children for self-interest and short-term gain.

Politicians are masters of spin, and will tell you just enough information to sell the idea that they want you to have. So much is kept from the voting public because they think you don’t need to know.

I refuse to believe that there is a ‘need to know’ requirement for information that directly affects someone’s health, wellbeing and future. If there is information that affects us, we have a right to know, as well as the assistance to help us understand.

This includes (and is most relevant for) our children.

Parents and grown-ups have said to children for generations, ‘Because I said so,’ whenever we were asked ‘Why’. I am going to remove the belief that ‘Because I said so’ is a valid explanation for anything. ‘Because I said so’ isn’t good enough.

Our children deserve an answer that says, ‘This is why.’ And they deserve the opportunity to argue for a different outcome if they disagree with our arbitrary ruling.

My campaign, and my message is about giving children a voice, and a future.

If you don’t have children, or your children are already adults, you might ask why should you vote for me? How does helping ‘the children’ help you?

My message is not only to make the world a better place for children in the future, but make the community a better place for all of us to live in right now. Because these are one and the same.

If we aim to create a world of safety, dignity and inclusion for children, we make a better world for all of us right now.

Every human has frustrations and obstacles that they face in everyday life. These may take physical form (taxes, house prices, border security, traffic congestion), but they essentially all stem from the same source – a lack of being respected and listened to. A lack of having our voice heard and our opinion counted.

I aim to create a community of respect which will form a solid foundation, and then, by extension, affect every other aspect our lives.

If we create a world that is safe to raise children, and safe for children to grow up in, then by extension we create a safe world of respect and opportunity for us all.

When we demonstrate consideration for the most vulnerable among our society then all of our lives will be better.

Children are the seedling of life – they become the forest of the future. My intention is not to just provide solutions to your obstacles and frustrations for the next two years, or four years, or ten years.

I aim to create a better world that will last 100 years and more.

What if things were different for you? What if we could stop the treadmill of frustration and change the future picture?

We do this by asking our children, who live in the present, what needs to be done now? What do they need to create safety, dignity and opportunity right now?

We need to stop thinking short-term or in self-interest

We have become a world of extremes and of great social and economic disparity, and nowhere is this more evident than within the electorate of Macnamara. In our suburbs we have areas of great affluence, and then others of great poverty and struggle. We have religious groups, cultural groups and other minority and marginalised communities.

I want to make Macnamara the exemplary electorate, the example of what the world can be. This will be the safest place to grow up, the place of belonging, respect, inclusion and dignity.

The reason we don’t already live in this kind of world is because we have the equation wrong. We have been thinking that we can take modern society and add government policy, and get the ideal future. Instead the result is a reactive vision with short-term effect.

There is a missing link, and this is why this equation is wrong. If we add the impact for children to the discussion, we are automatically looking long-term.

Modern society plus government policy plus child impact results in a long-term strategy, and the beginning of a better future, and a sustainable life.

By crafting the future that we wish we had to look forward to when we were children, we create a present that is better for everyone.

We are all writing our own separate story…

We are all writing a story in which we are the central character, surrounded by our immediate family and friends. When we do this, we are each writing an individual story, with different aims to everyone else’s. And then we end up working against our neighbours to achieve our own ends.

We are all looking for a place of safety and respect, but we are creating a whole bunch of separate and disparate sanctuaries that only hold a few people. Let’s create a place of safety and respect for all.

I believe that we should write the same story, and work towards the same happily ever after. We do this by putting children at the centre of the tale, rather than ourselves.

We invite children to come into every decision, and give them ability to contribute and participate now. We do this rather than creating a world they have no say in, that they just have to wait to inherit.

Our children are not ‘ours’ because they belong to us, they are ours because their welfare is in our hands. Our children have the right to their own dignity, identity and self-determination.

We have a duty of care to act for our children, for at risk and vulnerable people, and we can no longer ignore this. We should be held accountable for our decisions, and especially for ignoring risk to health, life, well-being and the future for our children.

The adults within the voting public have an obligation to act. No longer should we be forgiving of neglect or lack of action.

I will give our children back their hope, by giving them the ability to proactively create their own future.

And I am just getting started.


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